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How to get there?


All events will be held at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) Sala de Revistes d'Humanitats, approximately 30km from Barcelona. 


Staying in Barcelona? The FCG (Barcelona-Vallès) has two lines that go to UAB:

  1. - S2: Barcelona Plaça Catalunya - Sabadell
  2. - S6: Barcelona Plaça Catalunya - UAB

Get off at the "Universitat Autònoma" station. For more information, visit the FGC website.

TIP: The journey time from Barcelona Plaça Catalunya is thirty five minutes. Trains run about every ten minutes.


Renfe Operadora (RENFE) operates a passenger train with two lines to UAB:

  1. Line: R7 Sant Andreu Arenal - Cerdanyola Universitat

  2. Line R8 Martorell-Granollers (with a stop at "Universitat")

From Cerdanyola-Universitat station there is a free bus service that connects with the different campus buildings. For more information, visit


SARBUS offers a service from Barcelona (Fabra i Puig) to the UAB every 30 minutes. For more information, visit


AP-7 motorway, direction Girona-France, exit "Universitat Autònoma."

C-58 motorway, direction Sabadell-Terrassa, exit number 8, which connects with the AP-7, direction Tarragona. At the AP-7 take the side road. At 1000m exit "Universitat Autònoma."